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Glenwood Park Renovation Project

Making the vision of what the residents of Kendall would like to see with our Glenwood Park become a reality is the community's main goal in 2023.

Combining the flood damage that ravaged the Park a few years ago along with the deterioration of other facets of the park, we now are beginning our fundraising efforts and asking residents on what they'd like to see in a newly renovated Glenwood Park.

The map showcases some of the renovation ideas that have been discussed and looked at over the past couple years.  A good starting point to where we want the Park to become.

Park Map Concepts

Please fill out this quick survey or download a copy and fill it out and drop it off at the Village Office.  Your input is needed and appreciated as add to Kendall's quality of life with a new look Park that we all can enjoy for years to come.

Please check the items you'd like to be considered for the future renovation of Glenwood Park
Please choose all the items you'd like to be added
Would you like to Donate to the Renovation of Glenwood Park?

Thanks for your feedback!

Download survey
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